Why YoonA (probably) chose Lee Seung Gi

It's time you realize why I like Lee Seung GI

It’s time you realize why I like Lee Seung GI

I spilled my heart out in the previous post as to why Lee Seung Gi and I (probably) has the hots for YoonA. So naturally I have to write why YoonA (probably) has the hots for Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Seung Gi is probably one of the hardest working, down to earth and genuine celebrities I have ever witnessed. Incredibly witty and talented, the man just oozes awesome. Now let’s be honest here, to me, his looks do not garner the same effect that Rain or other top male stars do, but the aggregate of him is so much more than just petty looks.

You don't think I'm good looking? *Smirk

You don’t think I’m good looking? *Smirk

I explained in my one of my earlier posts why other females might find Seung Gi attractive. A traditional flower boy he is not. He’s tan and doesn’t have the same kind of chiseled features other idols might have. Rather he has a much more boyish charm, a much more endearing kind of attraction. And to some girls, I imagine they might find that even more attractive.

Psh, the girls are all over me revolu. Yes hyung....

Psh, the girls are all over me revolu.
Yes hyung….

His most famous trait is probably him being a ‘heodang’, basically an airhead. The guy is incredibly smart, having graduated from DongGuk with a Bachelor of International Commerce and Administration with high honors. He’s also studying for his masters and he is incredibly studious. He tends to approach all of his activities or tasks like an assignment, doing research, taking notes. He is incredibly book smart but his street smarts are incredibly lacking. As a result the guy is such a huge dork. If need proof, watch any episode of 1N2D season one and you’ll see what I mean.

A huge dork, like me!

Which brings me to my next point, he is incredibly witty, which carries over to his MCing and variety sense. He is most famous for his 5 year regular appearance on 1 Night 2 Days, Korea’s top variety show for many years. It was here his heodangness was shown in full, and was incredibly witty, and at times, showed how brainy he was. When Kang Ho Dong was embroiled in the tax evasion scandal, he temporarily took up MC duties on 1n2d and strong heart, the show where Seung Gi’s adoration for YoonA was quite obvious. His wit and reaction was quite good, matching up with Kang Ho Dong joke for joke and reaction for reaction. He even did a good job when he had to MC alone. Always taking care of his hyungs or looking after his guests, it’s no wonder his mentor is Kang Ho Dong, but he wants to be an MC like Yoo Jae Suk, a perfect blend of the nations two best MC’s.

Too many quotes to choose from...

Sigh, I wish if I could have just 25% of your wit…

Again I have to be honest, his acting used to have flaws, as does any young actor. He tended to overact in the beginning of his dramas, but gave a much more stronger performance as his dramas played out. This was consistent with Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. That changed with The King 2 Hearts, the drama that prompted me to start this blog, just to express my love and admiration for it. He gave such a strong performance from start to finish it was quite incredible. To see him grow as an actor is rather encouraging. His acting has grown to the point that alot of people recognize him as an actor as opposed to a ballad singer.

You’re bringing up my over acting again


It’s funny, his vocals are probably his strongest feature. I mean, it was what drew me to him in the first place. When Seung Gi was still doing X-man, he sang for his on-screen crush at the time, Chaeyeon, and started the kind of famous noona love-line on X-man. The pairing sparked alot of laughs, but the start was him singing the famous song from the drama Memories of Bali – My Love. When I saw the clip, I was simply taken aback by the raw power, range and control he exhibited by singing the song. From then on, I devoted a large chunk of time following this guy. The most interesting thing about his vocals is he started with a very raspy, husky voice to a much more smooth and controlled crooner that we know him as today. Listening to his albums in chronological order makes you realize how his voice has evolved over the years, to the point where he even writes his own lyrics and composes his own songs.

The two songs which made me envy Lee Seung Gi’s voice like no other.

Ironically ‘Time to Love” a song which Seung Gi personally wrote the lyrics for, perfectly coincide with his current relationship with YoonA. You have to imagine, just who did he write the lyrics in mind with?

Aish, such a sickeningly sweet song, yet I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, Damn you hyung…

Let’s not forget how often Seung Gi has publicly stated YoonA was his ideal type, probably more than any other celeb. Whether it was his Ideal World Cup on Champagne, Strong Heart, Come to Play, various interviews, he’s pretty much stated his adoration for YoonA in the past 4 years. You have to give the guy credit, the man is consistent.

How many times can you say YoonA is your ideal type? Never enough.

How many times can you say YoonA is your ideal type? Never enough.

Like YoonA, he is very caring. Whether it’s his accommodation for his guests, caring for his friends, hyungs, dongsaengs, how he always thanks PD’s, costars and family in his awards speeches (which he quite a lot of), he never forgets to be thankful and kind to all those around them. He also does like kids alot, even if he didn’t have a show like Hello Baby. On 1N2D, he has a couple of clips interacting sweetly with couple of kids. It was as recent as the variety show Noona Over Flowers that he bought baby clothes for a friend’s nephew, and seemed to quite enjoy picking out the baby clothes (speculation is that it was for YoonA’s nephew, which would be really cute, but definitely unconfirmed). Not to mention he’s used his vast pools of cash to buy his family a multi-million US dollar condo, making him very filial. Who doesn’t love a filial person, especially in Asian culture?

Oh so very caring

Oh so very caring, though I doubt that girl needs help peeling a tangerine

Again, I’ve barely scratched the surface of why Lee Seung Gi is just so fantastic. And I’m sure YoonA would like many other features about him that me as a straight guy wouldn’t really care for. Whether you’re a heartbroken or happy Yoonaddict, don’t worry, Lee Seung Gi is kind of the perfect guy for YoonA. Hopefully over time, you’ll realize that more and more, and I’ll definitely try to do my part with this blog in the future. Let’s give this couple all of the positive support and energy we can give them. That’s the least we can do.

Thank you for all the positive support you have given us!

Thank you for all the positive support you have given us!

Image Credits: Tryp96, LSGfan, Watermarks, Dramabeans, kpopstarz,

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49 Responses to Why YoonA (probably) chose Lee Seung Gi

  1. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    It’s crazy that Yoona is with Seung Gi now, she was all about Lee Min Ho! More power to her.She better treat him right!!

  2. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    It must be a joke, he does like to pull pranks

  3. torrtis says:

    May I add one thing?
    He got guts. Haha.
    Airens should be proud, the man they support is a namja, and have the guts to go for the lady of his affection, despite all that is on the line for both of them.

    • omuraiisu says:

      Yap.. He’s really My True Namja!! (well, he’s offcially Yoona’s now… and I’ll have my Lovely husband someday.. Lol)

    • alexdhamp says:

      He’s definitely got guts. Seems he was determined to eventually win her over, though I wonder how hard he had to try. Watching some of those old clips, you can certainly see she was fond of him back then…I just keep wondering why it had taken so long. SM Entertainment, maybe? LSG being mindful of not wanting to mar Yoona’s image considering she’s a part of SNSD? Just can’t wait for the couple to talk about their relationship, themselves. Provided they want to share such private information with Sones and Airen alike, of course. I will respect their privacy if they don’t…I just hope they feel generous enough to let us in on their love story. >.< lol

      By the way, what's a namja? Sounds like it has to do with determination…

      • revolu says:

        Namja means man.

        I think it was probably SM. The SNSD mentioned they were under a dating ban 2-3 years ago, but i hadn’t heard anything about it last year.

        • alexdhamp says:

          Ah…the usage threw me off. lol

          Yeah, I remember the dating ban…I also seem to recall them mentioning that it was lifted; though, I can’t remember for the life of me what that occurred. lol

  4. omuraiisu says:

    Revolu..Why did you make a post like this!! It just makes me love Seung Gi more, when I’ve started to shipping this couple… Lol 😀

    I really like your point of view. Objective but still get deep point.
    I think you’ve allready taken a lot of example from your hyung.. ^_-

    • revolu says:

      It’s funny, I felt the exact same way while writing the article about YoonA, I fell in love her all over again, reminding me again and again just how lucky he is :p

      Always got to try and be objective how else can you convince stubborn naysayers otherwise.

      • omuraiisu says:

        I even think your position is more difficult than me..
        On one side you must feel very happy because of your ideal guy and girl can be unified.
        But on the other hand, you feel jealous because your hyung got your ideal girl, but you still couldn’t hate him ..
        Now I think how lucky I am that Yoona isn’t my ideal girl… hehe..
        (maybe this is just my complicated thought ..)

        • revolu says:

          Like any good dongsaeng, I feel some jealousy, but i’m still incredibly happy for my hyung. I’ve been wanting him to get a move on for years and he finally did.

          So you’re mostly right, but overthinking it a little lol

  5. alexdhamp says:

    I didn’t even know people where shipping her with Minho. I’ve seen them ship her with everyone of Donghae(Yoonhae) to Leeteuk(Yoonteuk). It’s sad when they take the rumors to be truth or are the creator of those rumors. It’s how Yoona got hated and so much false crap about her is found around the net. >..>

    Then a Airen(?) claims that Seung Gi is just playing around with a girl? Really!? Is this supposed to be the same humble, caring, compassion LSG we’ve all come to love(platonically for some of us, mind you…lol)?!

    Comment by revolu: I’ve merged your comments together.

    • revolu says:

      Well we don’t know if he/she is an Airen or even a YoonA fan. The person probably just upset in general, but at least they gave a congratulations message :p

      • alexdhamp says:

        True. Just irritates me how a lot of this hate for Yoona is fueled by misinformation and things like that.(then the assassination of LSG’s character just made it worse for me.. >.<) Sorry about that. Gotta commend you for being able to remain composed.

        Besides all that, I really enjoyed this, it was a great read. Even got to see some clips of Lee Seung Gi never I've never watched before.

        Got to reminisce about the Seung Gi x Chaeyeon couple for a bit(which I was into briefly after I had given up on YoonGi)…seemed kinda sad how she missed her chance if you know the whole story. Like how she appears on SH later and jokes around about rekindling whatever they had back in X-man, which LSG seems to shoot her down with words that apparently mirrored hers(something about age difference being a difficulty or something as thats also what she did back then). It was probably all play for the variety show, but I still found it cute and tragic. lol

        • omuraiisu says:

          ya.. I feel sorry for her too.. Chaeyeon Noona not my ideal type either..
          But because I’m a wowan, I can feel how that’s feeling was..
          seeing how her eyes look at him, when that naive amazing guy constantly singging a Love song to her.. Sigh.. I couldn’t even imagine how she can hold back her feelings ..
          I’m happy to hear she can let it go now..

          • alexdhamp says:

            The sad thing, from what I member on Strong Heart I believe, is that Seung Gi had even tried to come to her(around the time of X-man) but she turned him down, denying her own feelings and telling him and herself that he was too young.

            Much later, on Strong Heart, she admits that she regretted doing that I pretty much tries to see if Seung Gi still feels the same way and he turns her down, saying that age was a barrier(r something to that effect)…basically meaning he turned her reason back around on her that she had used to refuse him.

            Don’t know if it was real or just something they did for SH, but it made me feel sorry for Chaeyeon, even though it was her own fault that she missed out. Seung Gi had already moved onto liking Yoona but she still held a torch for him if it wasn’t just something they put on for the variety show.

            I don’t know anything about Chaeyeon now, but I’m sure she moved on too by now. Guess I’m a bleeding heart… lol This is why I felt so sorry for Seung Gi when Yoona never seemed to give him a chance. >.<

          • revolu says:

            She was living in the past, and Seung Gi is living for the future, at that Strong Heart moment anyways LOL

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    Since everyone seems to know how nice and smart and talented a person Lee Seung Gi truly is, I just want to comment on his looks.
    I have the good fortune of seeing him in real person several times. And I want to say it here: Lee Seung Gi is the LEAST photogenic person in the world!!!
    I really have no explanation as to why cameras fail to capture his ‘chiseled,’ Greek god-like bone structures, or marvelously handsome AND manly features.
    Before I saw him in real person, frankly, I was a little perplexed by all those accolades about his supposedly good looks, from his co-stars (Ho-dong being the most vocal) to other Korean fans (who must also have the good fortune of meeting him in person).
    And then I knew.
    It did not stop at looks. His manners, posture, the ‘ambiance’ he created – all contributed to this magnificent being in front of my eyes. Wow! A perfect package if there is ever one.

    • revolu says:

      That’s definitely what YoonA meant by a gentle kind of good looks :p.

      I think his looks depends on his hairstyle, Unfortunately his cody kind of sucks, though it’s improved over the years.

    • Muljen says:

      I agree with you. Lee Seung Gi is much more handsome when we see him in real. He is georgeous.

    • omuraiisu says:

      Now I have a very complicated feeling..
      I’m jealous that you all have seen SeungGi in real life, but I also feel scared if one day I meet him with my own eyes, and don’t know how to react.
      Like Seunggi, I don’t have a specific preferences for my ideal man, and just think it’ll be nice if he is good looking enough.
      But before knowing Seunggi I admit, my thought about ideal good looking is someone like hmm.. Wang Lee Hom (for example, I’ve just seen him on this blog)
      and after know Seunggi, now all this good looking guy even looks boring for me…

    • anonymous says:

      AnnMichelle, agree with you as well. I’ve seen him during the 2 nights concert in Seuol on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at a close range because I was fortunate enough to have seats on the floor near the stage. I’d say, he is very handsome and gorgeous. In fact, he is the most handsome person I’ve ever seen. (Modesty aside, I’ve done a bit of traveling to 6 different countries. Thus, I’ve seen so many people like businessmen, celebrities and ordinary ones to compare with his looks.) The cameras and videocams can’t justify his actual gorgeous looks which make me puzzled. The only reason I can think of is what AM mentioned above. He is the LEAST photogenic person in the world. He has also a glowing aura if you see him personally.

      • alexdhamp says:

        Seung Gi is a vampire…that’s why cameras can’t capture his true beauty. XD Well, might sound weird from a straight guy, but I do think there are some pictures of his that capture his good looks perfectly. Some scenes from Gu Family Book definitely seemed to as did that one on tryp’s blog with his wet hair while brushing his teeth. Of course, that just the opinion of a guy… lol

  7. omuraiisu says:

    I want to share how I can be a fan of singer Lee Seung Gi.
    I first see him in MGIG. But because I was not interested in the Korean song (originaly I prefer Japanese songs) I’m not interested to find out who sings the Ost (even though unconsciously I allways humming all of MGIF OST). So I just like him as an actor at that time.
    I became interested in finding out his musical career when I heard him sing car navigation in Stong Heart

    He’s not even sing a songs like in X-man.
    He just sang it like that, jokingly, like an ad-lib to respond for guest requests,
    but It’s like ..”What did I just hear? How he could made a sound like that?”
    And after I listening his music .. there is no turning point anymore

    • Jannah says:

      Haha i really love this episode! Wow! Seunggi, why u’re so amazing? Every little thing u do makes me love u more! As in anything! I’m losing my mind! Haha…(ikaw na talaga!)

      • Jannah says:

        Oh, btw…i’m a filipino airen. Hope seunggi can visit our country before the military service. “Ikaw na talaga” is a tagalog slang word for “you’re the man”(not the literal meaning) hehe i started to like him in the song “losing my mind” haha now, i’m really losing my mind…어떻게?

    • alexdhamp says:

      Japanese music fan here, too! (Speaking of which…not to be rude, but are you Japanese? Your name on here makes me think of how some foreign loan words are pronounced in Japanese…though, I can’t figure out what word or words it would be if it is… “Om Rise”..? O.o) Anyway, MGIG is how I was first introduced to him, as well. His acting, his character(Dae Woong..or the portrayal of him), and his two songs(once I discovered he was sing them) he sang for the drama all contributed to me becoming a fan of him. Then I found “Because You are my Woman”, “Difficult Words to Say”, and “Because We’re Friends”(I’ve also seen this one called “Aren’t We Friends”, I think)…and I was hooked on his voice and singing career. (“Because We’re Friends” used to tear me up inside because I couldn’t help but wonder if he wrote it about Yoona back then…glad she’s with him now…now it doesn’t threaten to make me cry every time I hear it…not as much anyway…as I actually have had something similar happen to me. >..<) Mind" and "Starting from now, I Love you"(Or "From Now On, I Love You)"….and I know it's not his…but I absolutely LOVE the song "Fox Rain" which was written and sang by one of Seung Gi's own mentors, Lee Sun Hee.

      • alexdhamp says:

        What happened to my post? Was it too long or something? It got butchered when I posted it. O.o >.<

        That last part was supposed to be about how two of the songs from the MGIG OST were Seung Gi's: "Losing My Mind"(though I had made a joke here referencing "Losing My Religion"…) and "From Now, I Love You".

      • omuraiisu says:

        No, I’m not Japanese. I just really like Japanese culture. Hehe..
        Yes, I taken this name from Omuraisu, just use double “i” (personal reasons). Omuraisu is how Japanese people pronounced omurice (オムライス).
        Omurice = Omu-Rice = Omelette-rice. Omurice is just simply like fried rice wrapped in an omelette. It’s an example of contemporary Japanese cuisine but has western style. You can see it a lot in anime. Omurice was brought to Korea during Korea under Japanese rule, and today it is a fixture on gimbap restaurant menus. I think it became famous when people saw drama “Rooftop Prince”

        Because I like Japanese, I was very happy when know that Seunggi debut in Japan, and sing the Japanese version of “Time of Love” and “Because We’re Friends” (“Renai Jidai” and “Tomodachi Dakara”). SeungGi is not the one who wrote “Because We’re Friends” wrote, but he always sing it so well with all his feeling. So we can’t help to think it’s his own feeling, right? hehe…
        Another case for “Time for Love”. SeungGi wrote the lyric and composing it himself. He wrote it just in 20 minute when he was waiting at hotel in 1n2d trip to Japan. He himself says that the song he made because he felt lonely while waiting and contains about his feeling.

        I really love “Fox Rain” too. Lee Sun Hee Seonsaeng-nim is so daebak. This song is very appropriate for the Miho theme song Miho. When I heard this song I was definitely reminded of that “fox rain” scene. I think before like Singer Seunggi, I have become a fan of Teacher Lee Sun He first. 😀

    • omuraiisu says:

      These are from 2012 Singapore Fanmeeting conference right?
      What always makes me happy to watch Seunggi interview, is because he always able to judge himself objectively. He knows what his advantages and disadvantages (Well, I think he still has not realized that he was better than what he know). Although there was a language barrier in this interview, he sincerely answered every question, and gives a comparison so his thoughts can be delivered. He was always humble but still tried to give a witty answer to break the ice..

    • omuraiisu says:

      I think you left the last part.
      Maybe this only contain how fans declare their love to SeungGi. But in the 5th part, we can see how fans always want Seunggi to have his own love story. Because we all know how such a sweetheart he is.
      Now, when he already has a girlfriend, I wondering, Has he cook something for her? Or, did he gently cares her hair like in “Because We’re Friend” MV? Will he really take his grilfriend hiking up Baekdu Mountain to see that wonderful Cheonji Lake..
      Hhh.. I should stop here.. 😀

      • alexdhamp says:

        Seung Gi seems like the kind of man to do all those and more. Doesn’t one of his interviews talk about the kind of romantic things he’d like to try for his date? Heh…I hope whomever Taeyeon ends up with is even a fraction of the kind of man Seung Gi is…I’d be able to rest easily when she eventually finds herself a love, then. I can only hope that Kyung Ho is being a great guy to Sooyoung, too… T-T

        • omuraiisu says:

          yap, all that what I mention above is from some of his interview.. and from one of 1n2d episode. That’s why people call him Mr. Romantic right?.. hehe
          I think he already did all that simple-but-so-romantic thing one from the interview.. but for hiking to Baekdu Mountain.. they should have a battle frist with their busy schedule and paparazzi..
          I heard Yoona likes hiking too, doesn’t she?

  8. alexdhamp says:

    I still wanna know whether or not Seung Gi is into martial arts. His portrayal of it in his shows looks genuine. Didn’t he once saying he admired Bruce Lee or am I thinking of something one of his characters said?

    • revolu says:

      He’s done some martial art prep really early, way before Gu Family Book for his acting roles because he was originally going to do MBC’s version of Iljimae, but it took too long to develop so he backed out. There is a clip of him on 1N2D riding a horse like a boss LOL.

      • alexdhamp says:

        Thank you. I was wondering because I’ve always been into martial arts and even have a bit of proper training under my belt. Usually it’s easy for me to pick out someone who’s actually experienced in the arts and someone that’s just acting the part. Hard to explain, but I think it has to do with how the person holds themselves..or something.. The stances or how they throw a kick or punch..their footwork.

        Watching Seung Gi-ssi…I really couldn’t tell, some of his movements and forms look spot on so it just made me curious about this. Even his weapon forms look good. Do you by chance know what show(variety) where he was wielding a stick or something(umbrella? cane? been awhile.. >.<) like a sword? It was funny because him and the other guy suddenly started acting like old guys. XD

        …googled Iljimae…now I'm sad he didn't get to play in that…definitely my kind of show. Now I'm going to watch, while being disappointed that LSG couldn't be a part of it… lol

        • omuraiisu says:

          I often imagine it too, How it’ll be if SeungGi portray Iljimae. He’ll definitely looks more cool than Cha Dae Wong, who plays “Swordsman Under the Moon”. hehe..

          You mean this scene:

          It’s from 1n2d ep. 58.
          Not only we can see a cool Sword Master SeungGi, but also can see Heodang Seunggi jumping like a child playing by himself after it. hehe..

          • alexdhamp says:

            Yup! That’s the one! See what I mean, that actually looks like skill with the blade to me and I would know with my love of the martial arts. Seung Gi proving he’s even more awesome!!

            ….and then he goes jumping around in the back ground like that… *sweatdrop* XD Kinda reminds me of something Tae would do…they’re both loveable dorks? >.<

  9. alexdhamp says:

    They broke up now… T-T

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