Why Lee Seung Gi (probably) chose YoonA

So you wanna learn why I and many other fanboys like Yoona? Read on then.

So things have kind of calmed down a bit after a couple of days, but I am still floored when I really think about what has happened. Seung Gi hyung asked out YoonA, his crush for years and they’ve been going out at least for the past 4 months? Man this is just craziness.

After seeing the overwhelmingly positive response and unfortunately a small group of naysayers, I think it’s time I explain to Airen’s exactly why Lee Seung Gi (probably) chose YoonA.

About 7 years ago, SM Entertainment unleashed a 9 member girl group into the K-pop world. And while it seems hard to believe right now, Girls’ Generation was not a household name years ago and they were not a girl group that was clean of controversies. In fact, I was a borderline anti years ago (GASP, but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending).

how could you?!?!?!

how could you?!?!?!

Let me explain my dumb borderline anti ways. You see back then, I was kind of new to the laws of the internet. I started getting interested to K-pop culture and watching x-man clips. I then happened upon a certain article while investigating all the different groups of k-pop. The articles of some artists were very positive, so i read on about an article about SNSD. The article started off kind of neutral, but then went on to state various reasons why SNSD was immature, rude, vulgar and just a bunch stuck up brats. It even had a thesis, subject, argument and proof! Naturally as this was the first article I had seen about the group I was instantly turned off. I thought man, how do they let such a girl group exist? Now while i actually thought this, let me be clear, I NEVER bashed them, I just had a very strong dislike. I never supported them and if I saw a random article about them, I didn’t even glance at it.

Believing those lies... makes me sad....

You believing those lies… makes me sad….

About a year and a bit later, Gee was released, to much fanfare and love. After ignoring them for a long time, I acknowledged the song was extremely catchy and girls were cute. I decided to do more research. Soon after reading more unbiased articles, signing up for Soshified, talking with the fans and watching all of their classic shows did I realize how stupid I was years ago. How could I not recognize how negative the article was and how blind I was? I instantly felt ashamed and resolved the only way to fix this was to approach all things with an open mind and of course I fell in love with SNSD in the process.

To make up for my sins, I will love you all for as long as I breathe.

To make up for my sins, I will love you all for as long as I breathe.

Every single one of those 9 girls have their own unique talents and quirks that I loved. I learned that to love SNSD you have to love ALL 9 members and not just one, and it was easy to do so. And boy was it easy to love YoonA.

YoonA is the second youngest of the group. She was one of the earliest to debut outside of the group through commercials, MV appearances and dramas. After watching all of the classic shows like Girls Generations Goes to School, I learned that YoonA has a dorky laugh, a lovely smile, loves to play jokes, is very pretty (and natural, not that it should matter much). She is also pure hearted, kind and caring. You can also see how the other 8 members care about her as well and that just tugs at the heart strings.

I still don't understand why that alligator smile is so charming XD

I still don’t understand why I find that alligator smile is so charming XD

It doesn’t help that she is so pretty. Gosh her eyes are so pure and it actually kind of sparkles (or she wears a bright expression, I shouldn’t get too carried away…). But she has that innocent look in her eyes and when she laughs or smiles, it just becomes even more charming. Hence the name Deer eyed YoonA. She also has a sense of humour. She is able to shape her mouth like a fishes mouth and she actually demonstrated that on a variety show appearance. When she laughs she opens her mouth kind of wide and we call her the alligator mouth. She’s able to have self-deprecating humour, kind of like Seung Gi and his heodangness but definitely not in the same league.



She is kind of a prankster, on the show hello baby, she made a salt kimbap to get back at her unnies, the whole sequence was adorable.

Let's get back at those mean unnies

Let’s get back at those mean unnies

She also cares for children. On the show hello baby, you can see how endearing and caring she was for the baby, even if she didn’t get to interact with Kyungsan that often because he was dominated by the other girls (that was one lucky little child, must have sacrificed his life for Korea in his past life). In addition YoonA has adopted sponsored a child in Africa and that’s not really a small thing.

Cuteness overload, oh my god.

Cuteness overload, oh my god.

The girl is extremely talented. She is similar to Seung Gi as she does so many things, a jack of all trades. She sings, dances, acts, MC’s. I will be the first one to admit she is not the strongest singer in the group (Taeyeon) or the best dancer (Hyoyeon, Yuri). But she does so many things it is hard to fault her. It shows how hard-working she is trying juggle all of those things, not to mention the burden it creates on her other activities namely acting. I will also be the first one to admit her acting is not the strongest. But she has definitely improved with each project and you can definitely see that in her latest drama the Prime Minister and I. Who doesn’t love a hard-working girl seriously?

My acting has improved by alot you know!!!

My acting has improved by alot you know!!!

But let’s not forget a very important thing. She has a long running adoration for Seung Gi. For years she has stated that he was one of her ideal types and she hasn’t really hesitated to express her liking of him. Sure she has other ideal types like Yun Hung hoon and Kimura Takuya, but those are very safe picks as they are both married. Whether it was her appearance on Sang Sang Plus, the last episode of Hello baby, when Seung Gi cleaned SNSD stage to earn some train ticket money, manwon happiness, and strong heart, she has always expressed a liking/admiration for him. Even when they don’t have promotions together or appear on shows, she supports his music. Like her UFO fan messages expressing her love for Seung Gi’s new album.

This is sweet.

This is sweet.

Isn't this the same recommendation?

Isn’t this the same recommendation?

OK, we get it, you like his music, jeez. You're making me sick with the sweetness. XD

OK, we get it, you like his music, jeez. You’re making me sick with the sweetness. XD

This ended up being a love letter of why I love YoonA, but I imagine as a fellow dude, Seung Gi would have similar reasons if not more. I seriously don’t think I’ve even properly scratched the surface of YoonA’s great qualities, but that’s a good thing, that just means Seung Gi has more things to discover. And I hope you do too.

I hope we continue to foster a long lasting supporting relationship :)

I hope we continue to foster a long lasting supporting relationship 🙂

Image credits: Tumblr, Soshified, Joonie4ever Dramabeans, tryp96 (for the English translation on the UFO messages), I added the translation to image. (If you are the owner of the pictures and would like credit, please let me know)

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17 Responses to Why Lee Seung Gi (probably) chose YoonA

  1. alexdhamp says:

    First Thumbs up! XD Nice essay(?)! Hmm…I heard she also suggested a particular song to her fans…do you by chance know which one it was?

  2. Reading this and i laugh so much. Love your writing. Hiks!^^ Thank you for briefing about YoonA~ ” Let me be clear, I NEVER bashed them, I just had a very strong dislike. I never supported them and if I saw a random article about them, I didn’t even glance at it.” This is myself as well, i never had interest towards the girls but thats just it. Somtimes i laugh at their jokes or find them cute if they’re guesting on the show i’m watching. But i admit its hard to act noble everytime though. Since most of my friends dislike her, i always hearing negative remarks. Being a fan of Leeseunggi,wahh i urge him to get a girlfriend and indeed he dating someone. Lol sad for some reason. I wasn’t ready after all. Haha

    • alexdhamp says:

      I know that feeling. Here I was telling Airens to be happy for him and support him…only to find out that my second bias, Sooyoung, was also dating… T-T lol

      “Karmic Law of Threefold” indeed… >.<

      • Hahaha yes i was shocked after hearing that! I was like okay who’s next. We have how many more. 7? Lols :p I am happy for him. Finally he’s dating someone wuhuu! But I couldn’t hide my true feeling lols like i said its hard to act noble eveytime. Its not because of i hate yoona. NO I’M NOT A HATER. Maybe because as a fan who support him until all the way to korea, its hard to let go the feeling of knowing he is single but now half-taken. By a very famous girl! Lolssss childish isn’t it >_< i think if he date a non celebrity, the things will be different. Hehe will support him all the way though.. Wish them a happy ending.. /sobbing inside/

        • revolu says:

          I dunno, wouldnt you posibly feel MORE jealous if it was a normal person? I think it depends on a fan’s mindset to be honest.

          But I understand how you feel.

  3. alexdhamp says:

    Yeah, from what I read of the translated lyrics, it seems to be a song about wanting to escape from the daily hassles of work and such for a day and just going “wherever”. Doesn’t it also mention about asking someone to come along with him for the momentary escape from the daily grind? My YoonGi mind is working overboard probably… lol

    • alexdhamp says:

      Nevermind. No mention of asking anyone to come along with him.

      Considering how much I’ve heard or read of the girls saying how tired out they are regularly from the show biz…it’s not surprising that she gravitated to this song, huh? lol

    • omuraiisu says:

      Ok. one point to add, Yoona has great taste (of course she has, because she like SeungGi Oppa, hehe). I like this song too. very much..
      My friend who usually likes rock music, even unconsciously humming this song because I often play it… hehe..
      You guys also have to listen how he singing it live…
      This one is from 2012 Lee Seung Gi Japan Live concert.

  4. ywlovesg says:

    I am TOTALLY NEUTRAL in regards to Girls Generation. I do not hate them nor do I like them either. I just cannot deny their popularity in the K-pop fandom. And it is through various shows that we can see the clear mutual attraction betweeen Seunggi and Yoona. They are both made for each other… even a perfect match I would say.

    Hence, even as an Airen of Seunggi… I am not particularly shocked at their pairing. After all, their time has come 🙂

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  6. alexdhamp says:

    I just realized something because of this page…pouting Yoona is incredibly cute!! I feel sorry for Seung Gi if she weaponizes that… XD

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