Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are Dating: A Fanboy’s Reaction

WTF, Disbelief, Happiness, Euphoria. These are emotions and expressions I felt and wore when i found out Lee Seung Gi was reported and confirmed to be dating YoonA. I don’t think I can properly describe what I felt when i read the news, but I can certainly try.

The Beginning

A few odd years ago, Seung Gi had started MCing Strong Heart alongside with Kang Ho Dong and YoonA was one it’s many first guests. Seung Gi had already chosen YoonA as his ideal type on Ideal Women World Cup on KBS. So naturally, the Strong Heart PD, Ho Dong, and guests started to tease them. Each time YoonA went on Strong Heart, the pair was teased and it was kinda of obvious they both had an attraction for one another, whether it was looks, personality, admiration.

Why I’m a fan of both

I have been a Lee Seung Gi fan since about 2008. I look up to him like an idol, a mentor, a hyung. I’ve admired his voice, his talent, his work ethic and brain. Consequently I’ve been a SNSD fan since 2009, loving all 9 girls kinda equally though there are inevitable biases. YoonA is on the top of the list for her to die for looks and well rounded talent. Plus I’ve watched all of the SNSD classics like Girls’ Generation Goes to School, Manwon Happiness, Hello Baby etc, so I fell in love with YoonA’s quirkyness and cuteness. So when Strong Heart came a round and basically played off their mutual agreement of ideal types, I thought to myself, ‘Man, I hope they get together somehow. I don’t care if it a drama, movie, We Got Married, a dating program, variety show, I hope Seung Gi hyung can somehow woo YoonA and they can get together’.

Cause let’s be honest here, I love SNSD, but unless I somehow break into the entertainment world and meet and become close with Kpop stars, there is almost zero chance of me landing any of the 9 beautiful ladies (if Taeyeon wants to give me a call, my number is 6** *** ****, i’m a really nice and sweet guy I swear). So you hope for the next best thing. You hope that your mancrush grows a pair and sweeps off YoonA’s feet and they live happily ever after.

An Open Letter to Sone

SNSD fans, as a Lee Seung Gi fanboy, I can tell you after watching EVERY single 1N2D season 1 episodes, Noona Over Flowers, variety show appearances, X-Man, MCing, concerts, interviews, fan accounts… This guy is the perfect gentleman, very well mannered, loyal, hardworking, filial, a person that would most likely still succeed outside of the entertainment business (he has a a Bachelors with high honors in Economics and is studying his masters), really rich, a super dork hence the nickname ‘heodang’ and just a talented person. YoonA is in good hands.

An Open Letter to Airen

Lee Seung Gi fans, as a SNSD fanboy, I can assure you that after watching countless variety shows starting from their debut and until now, watching their BTS’, reading their interviews and fan accounts, YoonA is sweet, kind, loving, cares for her loved ones, cute, quirky, a lovable dork, sexy, loyal, confident, hardworking and very talented. You don’t have to worry, she’s the perfect girl for Seung Gi.

Maybe that’s why i’m practically over the moon, I paired two people and they actually reciprocate their feelings. You’re happy when two people that you care, love and admire get together. That’s what I am now. Happy. But still kinda envious. Lucky bastard. Man I need to find a girl.

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17 Responses to Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are Dating: A Fanboy’s Reaction

  1. elisem1902 says:

    Thanks for a well written post that speaks from the heart. I have shared this with other Airens on my blog so that they can get a male’s perspective on this huge bomb that was dropped on us yesterday.

    • revolu says:

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it. I actually created this post and crawled out of hiding to do that purpose. I know a lot of people support this relationship which I’m really happy about. But some don’t like it at all and I hope this post give both unsatisfied parties a little view on just how wonderful they both are.

  2. torrtis says:

    And it started here:

    • omuraiisu says:

      Omo.. omo…
      I tink I’ve never watched it. maybe it because there isn’t Seung Gi name here
      (Or perhaps I just forget about this)
      Can someone explain what they are talking about here?
      2007 is first year of SNSD debut, isn’t?
      Is this their first encounter? see how they met here, I don’t wonder even if they fell in love at first sight. Seunggi and Yoona looks very handsome and beautiful.
      Yoona looks the most active than other member here. She’s a lovely girl.
      By the way I really like this looks of SeungGi. The style is simple but he looks very fresh, young, neat, and handsome. I called it “White Lie” MV style.
      hehe.. 😀

      • torrtis says:

        The girls are doing a charade, the answer is Seunggi’s drama The Infamous Chil Sisters. Then Yoona praised his acting, especially his crying scene when going to the army.

        • omuraiisu says:

          thanks for the answer..
          So that’s why he made that kind expression. Our shy-Seunggi are beaming because of Yoona kudos.. hihihi..
          looks like His heodangness appear here. Did Seunggi answer something weird before it?

          • torrtis says:

            Kept getting it wrong even when it is his own drama, heodang haha. The PD ask why, he said it was last year.

          • omuraiisu says:

            Haha.. 😀
            as expected. His heodangness made ​​me never get enough about him.
            it’s normal if he couldn’t immediately made correct answer (although the answer looks very hilarious) but to make an excuses like that…
            ahH .. SeungGi- yaaa..

          • revolu says:

            Yep, he’s done a similar challenge on the show multiple times, but he’s failed it ALOT lol.

            Even when it’s his own drama he needed like 6 tries XD

    • iheartseunggi says:

      Thanks so much for this adorable clip! And Yoona praised his acting (which means she definitely watched his show)–I think she’s had a soft spot for him for a very long time.

  3. omuraiisu says:

    Ok, I’m here. :]
    Wow, You’re already being Seunggi’s fan since 2008 …
    I’m so envy. I wish I could know Seunggi much earlier.
    I always feel envious of you guys who have been Airen in a longterm, since his debut, and some even from before hisdebut, can grow together, learn together ..
    I’ve said in the tryp’s blog that I decide to fully support this couple. And by reading this, from someone who really appreciate SeungGi Oppa, I fully strengthened my decision.
    I probably couldn’t be a SONE (I’m also not an anti) but I could love Yoona more.. 🙂

  4. pov leak says:

    I don’t why? If feel so happy when I heard yoona and seungi dating maybe I love them so much

  5. JR says:

    As an avid fan of Seunggi, at first I feel very heartbroken when I heard the news. Well I wanna him be single till his 30’s, till he done his military service kekeke. But its Yoona who had good personality besides beauty so I’m ok with it as I also a fan of Yoona. If Seunggi choose other girls, maybe a bit hard for me to accept it. Now I’m okay with their relationship since both dating in manners way not like many other couples. Since both had a very busy schedule, I’m just hoping Seunggi & Yoona will be the next couple for We Got Married so that they really can spend more moments together plus fans also can watch their romantic moments and bless more on their relationship via this variety show ~just my thought ^^

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