Lee Seung Gi 이승기 – Vol 5.5 숲 (Forest) Mini-Album Fanboy Review

Wistfully wishing you to buy my album if you like it ^^

If it’s any season for ballads to thrive it would be the fall, and especially November. It’s the season where you’re stuck in weather limbo. Gone are the warmer fall days, yet it’s not the glistening snow that means Christmas holidays are around the corner. Daylight is limited and you notice that it becomes too dark much too earlier in the day and that you feel depressed or drained. While we’re in that depressed state, it’s easy to listen to a song, reminiscence of the days where we broke up, or had a crappy day, and listen to soulful songs to try to heal our depressed hearts. This album, while it does not surprise, it does what it was advertised to do, heal the heart.

I’ll be honest, this album isn’t a shocker, it isn’t amazing but it’s far from mediocre. This album is like a long-lost friend, someone who’ve you’ve missed for a while, but once you’ve found them, you start to have that feeling of being comfortable, simplicity and nostalgia. Welcome back ballad prince.

1) Intro

A nice instrumental excerpt of the title song. Nothing too fancy, but then again you don’t expect much from intro’s anyways. It sets the tone for the entire album.

2) 되돌리다 (Return)

This title song is not flashy, but it doesn’t have to be in order to be enjoyable. In the album Seung Gi exhibits his vocal control and range, but it never overpowers. The piano and orchestral accompaniment combine to invoke wistful emotions.  In place of a strong hook in most pop songs, the verses and chorus are unique that they repeat each other. This helps invoke the emotions of wistfulness, familiarity. A song that you wouldn’t expect to be hooked to, does exactly that through its clever composition, a fitting title song.

3) 숲 (Forest)

The least impressive track in the album, though you can really tell how well Seung Gi has improved his vocal control in this song. Excellent blend of exhalation and control. A nice song.

4) 사랑한다는 말 (Words of Love)

Probably one of the most anticipated songs of the album because it’s composed by the man himself. All in all a good simple song, fits the theme of the album through it’s simplicity and slow pace. The french horns help infuse variety into the song. He still has ways to go to become a great composer but this is a great stepping stone.

5) 나에게 초대 (An Invitation For Me)

Probably my favourite song in the album because it’s the most upbeat song in the album, which is not saying much. It’s simplistic, yet earnest. An excellent feel good song.

Fanboy Verdict: It’s easy to forget in an age of overstimulation a time of simplicity and to simply try slowing down. This album does not amaze but it is full of heart and warmth that it’s easy listen to. Lee Seung Gi’s vocals simply improve from each album. While the album lacks power, it more than makes up for it in clarity and control. If you want experience some nostalgia, or feel warmer and all gooey inside, this album is for you.

4 Happy Fanboys out of 5

Image Credit: daum music via koalab (Via Tryp96)

Video Credit: BubbleFeetPandaCH1 (via tryp96)

P.S. Leave a comment below and tell me what you liked about the album, or even disliked. I always enjoy a civil internet conversation.

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8 Responses to Lee Seung Gi 이승기 – Vol 5.5 숲 (Forest) Mini-Album Fanboy Review

  1. gray says:

    Nice to see you back Revolu, I’m waiting your review for this album

    Love that you can find the exact word to describe this album: long-lost friend. Yet, while it does not shocking, it fill your heart with sense of belonging and warm feeling 🙂

    Btw, why don’t you review the MV(s) too? I’d like to hear your thought of it

  2. Pingback: Lee Seung Gi – Return MV – Fanboy Replay Part 1 | Rhapsody of revolu

  3. hikhik says:

    is there any the-most-calming-and-healing-and-full-of-warmth album of the year award?

  4. wanne says:

    Great review there, I love reading it.

    #5 is also my favourite for the reason you stated. After the continuous melancholic songs, this one stands out for being upbeat. I caught myself always move to the beat everytime I listen to it. And its the one song that I keep humming after I finish listening to the whole album. It really makes me feel good.

    ‘Return’ is great. The verses and chorus are too repetitive for my taste which is what makes me like it less than #5 I think. But I can see why its chosen as the title track.

    ‘Words Of Love’ shows Seunggi’s improvement in composing and writing. The French Horn is a nice addition to the song making it stand out in the album.

    Overall, I must say its a really nice album, and one that I will continue to listen to for a very long time. All the songs are good, and this doesn’t happen often in Korean Music Entertainment. Normally, they focus on the title track only, the rest are like fillers. So, this album is definitely worth-buying.

  5. Carmen Tsang says:

    I love Return and Words of Love the best….i actually love the whole album, i personally believe that this album is the best album of Seung Gi….every songs are prefect and clear my mind off. I don’t owe any of his album but i am ordering this one for sure

  6. Felix says:

    Oh God! How are you? How long I did not visit this site. Still remember you. I must be blockhead. Sorry man.

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