Lee Seung Gi – Return MV – Fanboy Replay Part 1

So the dust has sorta settled as I constantly refreshed Tryp96’s blog like no tomorrow last night and Seung Gi left us a bomb of an MV.

Personally I found the MV to be very well made. It’s a lot more personal of a story MV as it would seem that way as it’s based on Seung Gi’s past love life. It’s such a simple, cliched story, but doesn’t make it any less enthralling.

The music of Return is analyzed in my album review, but it’s very fitting. The cinematography is beautiful and it has great lighting. Apparently birch trees, which were featured very prominently in the beginning and end of the MV, symbolize renewal and purification. And in certain welsh cultures, birch trees  symbolize love.

You like birch trees? OMG me TOO!

The note missing from the piano is the E note F note (corrected thanks to threschairen). I’m not sure what the significance of that would be. But I believe since Seung Gi didn’t have the piano key when he was practicing his piano diligently, he was missing the final piece to debut. The girl was the one holding him back from completing music. But when it was time for him to debut, the girl gives him the missing piece, the emotions needed to make his music. It was the sacrifice of completing his music, to leave his love life. That’s why he returns to the past, the time of what ifs. When he comes back to reality he has the piano key in his possession, serving as a reminder of what he’s chosen, and what he’s given up.

The acting is well done too. Kid Jae Kang and random girl who I swear I’ve seen before but can’t remember where I saw her plays young Seung Gi and young girl crush. They play innocent teen emotions very well, great casting choices.

Last but not least, a great MV needs a small screencap recap with silly captions WOOT!

Why is there a door in the middle of the forest?

Nothing suspicious here, let just go inside and…. OH CRAP

The missing e f note, so incomplete…

SG: I’m leaving to complete my destiny, to have all nuna’s fall for me, MUHAHAHAHA
Girl: *GASP

Seung Gi, I’m sorry for taking the e key so that you couldn’t complete your music here…

That’s where that stupid thing was. It’s a wonder how I managed to play any music…
Oh well, let’s just make sure the school piano doesnt get the returned key so that many more kids will struggle playing the piano MUHAHAHAHA

Well I’m back from wonderland.

Well now that I have deprived children of a proper piano in this MV…

… What evil thing should I do in the next MV. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

TO BE CONTINUED (in the next MV ‘Forest’)

Image Credits: Me (hence the lower quality :p)

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9 Responses to Lee Seung Gi – Return MV – Fanboy Replay Part 1

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    the girl is Kim Yoo Jung, she was played young Dong Yi, she also played in The Moon That embrace the sun…

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  3. otoy86 says:

    Kim Yoojung is a child actress..
    Well, I know her while she’s in Dong Yi…
    But when I rewatch medical drama “New Heart” (2007), I just noticed that Yoo Jung take a part on this Drama.
    She’s a cameo for 2 episodes, she played as a dying child who had to face heart surgery.
    BTW, she did a topless scene in that drama, but well.. she’s about 8-9 years old back then, so I think it’s not a big deal 😀

  4. michelle says:

    The girl is kim yoo jung and the boy is park gun tae..heheh

  5. omuraiisu says:

    Wow, revolu, daebak… I never thought this kind of meaning towards that piano keys. I just simply think this key as a part of the memories of his past that complements the melody in his life. I never thought it can also have hidden meanings like this, that love is one thing that must be sacrificed to walk on his career music..
    hmm .. hmm .. I have to learn more

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