Happy 8 Year Debut Anniversary Lee Seung Gi!

Congrats to this awesome dude

Ah my idol, he has achieved a rather large amount of years to be in the entertainment industry. With each year, his success and accomplishments only seem to increase. He has achieved a proper triumviate of Entertainment, a true triple crown. Who else can say they are a highly successful ballad singer, an accomplished variety host, and a continually growing and much more accomplished actor. Not me for one. I don’t even have a masters program that he may or may not have graduated from. It’s incredibly hard to believe he had a 3.5 GPA for his bachelors while still filming 1N2D, filming for Brilliant Legacy, recording more songs from his singles and albums and all various PR activities. For many years now he has topped the CF Ranking charts and who wouldn’t? This guy’s work ethic gets nothing but admiration from me. He’s living proof that even if you have talent, you have to work more then 100% if you want to be successful in life. And if you do, you can be wildly successful. Proof? Army of adoring fans from a mixed range of gender and age, and rich (I’m looking at you million dollar condo suite).

Here’s to another sucessful 8 years in your career Lee Seung Gi. I’m sure you can get there and be not just the prince of the Korean entertainment industry, but eventually one of the reigning kings of the asian entertainment industry (cause I doubt the current kings are gonna go away anytime soon LOL)

*Raises glass of apple juice and downs in one shot, cause I don’t drink XD

Thanks to the Airen’s from around the world, they have fan videos to commemorate this pretty awesome achievement.

Credit: Haart

Credit: Lee Seung Gi Singapore

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2 Responses to Happy 8 Year Debut Anniversary Lee Seung Gi!

  1. anon says:

    Congratulations Seung-gi yaaaaa!! This guy blows my mind!! TRULY!! ❤

    I'm sure you musta heard this already…..uri Seung-gi 'may' be going for a second master's degree. An int'l student stumbled into him when she went to his alma mater for interviewing for a program….he was there for the interview as well!! pssshhh, like they need to interview him….he's such a shoo in!! I wonder how long his resume is!! o_O So Proud!

  2. Felix says:

    Well Done.Lee Seung G, you still maintain your honorable position until now. I salute you. Raises glass of greaan tea (I believe it is LSG favorite well my favorite before know LSG)) and downs in one shot. Thanks revolu.

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